• Small-scale private tours
  • No crowds, truly explore!
  • Eco-friendly tours
  • Marine wildlife encounters
  • Completely personalized tours
  • Affordable rates

Our Tour Philosophy:

Our tour philosophy is to let every single one of our clients experience the most memorable moments on the beautiful lagoon of Moorea. To reach this goal, we only offer very small-scale private tours because we believe this is the best way to truly discover what Moorea’s Lagoon has on offer. This way we can interact in a respectful way with the marine wildlife, without disturbing them in their natural habitat. We can assure we stay eco-friendly, since it is very important to us to preserve our corals and protect our wildlife.

Furthermore we like to get to know the people we have on board, and spend the time on the boat together in a relaxed way. We totally costumize the tour to your wishes, we can show you all the highlights of Moorea, but we also like to show you some more hidden treasures and less visited sites of our lagoon. Prepare yourself to be astonished by Moorea’s beauty!

You’ll be on the boat with just your group and our crew. This offers you the opportunity to learn from our guide and ask all the questions you want about Moorea’s lagoon or to just sit back and relax surrounded by nature.

Please note our tours are never completely the same. We try to stay flexible to make the most out of every day. We will bring you to various snorkelling stops and show you all different sites of our lagoon.

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Our tours are completely personalized, so if you have special requests or if you are interested in renting a boat with captain, contact us for more information.